Laptop ScreenReplacement

Broken laptop screen? No Problem, Low cost laptop screen replacements available. 3 day turnaround.

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Unicorn Computers can offer remote assistance to people having problems with their PC's or Laptops generally speaking.

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We offer a postal repair service, Just send us your laptop or desktop PC and we will repair it and return it to you.

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Local Norwich Drop Off Point

We are aware that the decision for us to move to Dereham is not perfect for everyone. So to make sure that all our loyal customers remain happy we will be allowing our loyal customers to drop off their laptops and desktop pc's before 8am Mon-Fri or after 6pm Mon-Fri. The address for dropping off your items is the same as before:

59 Regina Road

If you live in the Norwich area we can still offer repairs on site after 6pm. Please call 01362 288300 for more information

Postal address

59 Regina Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3QZ
Telephone:01362 288300
Drop Off Times: 7am-8am & After 6pm