Postal Repair Service


All you need to do is call us with your collection details and the details of the laptop. We will arrange for a courier to call by and collect the parcel. Once we receive the laptop we will then perform the repair and return the laptop to you via courier.

(i)We give a quote for the work at the time of placing the order however this is only an estimate, we can't tell what parts are needed till we receive the laptop, this would need to be paid upfront via either bank transfer or paypal before we send a courier.
(ii)If there is any aditional parts needed while we fix the laptop the customer will be advised as soon as we know
(iii)If we find out that the laptop needs additional parts for the repair and the customer decides not to go ahead there will be no refund issued.
(iv)If the order is cancelled by the customer the laptop will be re-assembled and returned with no refund

Requires booking in: This service item requires booking in, so please call Dereham 01362 288300.

Estimated time to complete: We aim to be able to complete the repair and have it delivered back to the customer in 5 working days.